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Michigan Good Food Charter

The work of the U.P. Food Exchange is rooted in the Michigan Good Food Charter. The Michigan Good Food Charter encourages decision and policy makers to support the growing of healthy, green, fair, and affordable food across Michigan.  Show your support by adding your name or business/agency name to the growing list of those who believe in the power of a vibrant, local food system to improve the personal health of our citizens and the financial health of our communities. Sign the Michigan Good Food Charter HERE!

Tell all of your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to become supporters as well!

Food Safety Resources

UPFE has been helping farms navigate the oblique waters of food safety since 2012. In 2014, UPFE facilitated a group as part of the USDA’s Group GAP pilot project. Below is a handful of documents that we’ve developed along the way.

Small Farmers Can Make Food Safety Work: The Group GAP Pilot Project in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula–This document was authored by the MSU Center For Regional Food Systems. Visit their website to access this document

Group GAP Pilot Study 1.19.15–This document describes UPFE’s Group GAP pilot program in detail

UPFE Food Safety Manual Template [3]–This is the template given to farms in the UPFE network. It is an editable Word document.

UPFE Food Safety Manual Template Log Sheets [2]–These logs accompany the Food Safety Manual Template above. It is a series of editable Excel worksheets.

GAPGHP Checklist with Manual References–This is a copy of the USDA’s GAP/GHP Audit Checklist with corresponding page numbers to the UPFE Food Safety Manual. This will help your audit go much more smoothly!

UPFE Group GAP Checklist [2]– This is a checklist of the items in the UPFE Food Safety Manual Template that need to be filled out in order to be considered complete

GAP/GHP Handbook–This hulking volume explains each section of the GAP/GHP audit in detail. Click here for the most recent version.

UPFE GAP Educators–This is a list of GAP Educators in the UP who can visit your farm and talk through food safety issues with you.

Frost Free Hydrants–This is a PowerPoint presentation by MSU Extension educator Lyndon Kelley that discusses issues around using frost free hydrants in Michigan.

Policy Resources

Community Food Systems Guide – A guide to engaging with the local food system and local units of government.

UPFE Food Systems Policy Survey Report – Results from a 2017 survey of Upper Peninsula municipalities about their community food system needs.

A Guide to Season Extension Structures – A resource for community members and local government officials considering changes to master plans, zoning ordinances, and other local policy or regulatory documents that influence the growing and harvesting of backyard produce. The intent is to provide a common understanding of produce growing practices and structures between those growing the produce and the local officials charged with administering local plans and ordinances.

Master Plan Sample Language – This document defines the components of a community-based food system, lists types of policies and regulations to consider, and includes an implementation section to be used to guide policy, programming, and regulation development as they relate to food systems.

Sample Zoning Language for General Small Livestock Keeping – This sample language intended for use by Michigan municipalities that have the authority to regulate the raising of farm animals, including chickens, rabbits, and bees.

Community Food Systems Sample Survey – This document is intended for use by local planning commissions in the development of a master plan update focused on the community food system, or by any community organization working to advance the food system in a target community. It provides insight into community perspectives about food systems so the community can develop and prioritize locally appropriate policies.

Farm to School Resources

Farm to School Fundraiser – Frequently asked questions and more information about the UPFE Farm to School Fundraising Program.

10 Cents a Meal Program – 10 Cents A Meal For Michigan’s Kids & Farms is a state-funded pilot program providing schools with match incentive funding up to 10 cents per meal to purchase and serve Michigan-grown fruits, vegetables, and legumes. The goals of the program improve daily nutrition and eating habits for Michigan children through the school setting and investing in Michigan agriculture and related local food business economy.

Local Food for Schools Program(Scroll to the bottom of the page) The USDA is providing funding to help with the challenges of supply chain disruptions. This program will strengthen the food system for schools by helping to build a fair, competitive, and resilient local food chain with an emphasis on purchasing from historically underserved producers and processors. The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has been awarded and will serve as a pass-through for funding by reimbursing School Food Authorities (SFA’s) for qualifying purchases. 

Growing the UP
– Great for those looking to find a school garden program, connect with experienced teachers, or find out what resources are available to help new and established agriculture education programs through community partners.

Guide to Farm to Program Grants

Supply Chain Assistance Comparison Chart

Farming Links

The following links are ones that we believe you will find useful as you learn more about local food systems.  
Have other great resource suggestions, let us know! 

Upper Peninsula
EUP Conservation District
Keweenaw Co-op
Marquette Food Co-op
Marquette NRCS Office
Meat Processing Feasibility Executive Summary
Meat Processing Feasibility  Full Report
Northwinds Natural Foods
Taste the Local Difference

Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center (UPREC)
USDA Farm Service Agency Farm Loan Programs
Western U.P. Health Department

State of Michigan
Allen Neighborhood Marketplace
Cherry Capital Foods
Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Michigan Farm Bureau
Michigan Farmers Market Association
Michigan Food & Farming Systems
Michigan Food Hub Learning & innovation Network
Michigan Organic Food & Farm Alliance (MOFFA)
Michigan State University Extension
MSU Center for Regional Food Systems
MSU Product Center
Washtenaw Food Hub

Local Harvest
Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES)
National Farmers Union
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NACSAC)
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA)
United State Department of Agriculture (USDA-AMS)
Wallace Center/Winrock International

Meat Processing Feasibility Study – 2016

Meat Processing Feasibility Executive Summary
Meat Processing Feasibility  Full Report

Light Produce Processing Facility Study – 2017

Upper Peninsula Light Produce Processing Facility Executive Summary
KK&P Upper Peninsula Light Produce Processing Facility Report

Ken Meter’s 2013 Studies

Ken Meter is an analyst who works to empower communities with tools they can use to create a more sustainable future. He was commissioned by UPFE in 2013 to characterize the state of the UP’s food system. The results are included below.

Full Versions
Entire UP
Western UP
Central UP
Eastern UP

Abbreviated Versions
Entire UP
Western UP
Central UP
Eastern UP