What is the U.P. Food Exchange?

The U.P. Food Exchange (UPFE) is a Food Hub being led by the Marquette Food Co-op and MSU Extension in conjunction with the Western UP Health Department that coordinates and supports local food activities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.).  UPFE serves as a resource portal for farmers, businesses, and institutions looking to connect with and actively participate in their local food system.

What is the Online Marketplace?

We simplify the sourcing of high-quality, local food products by offering product aggregation, delivery, payment processing, and marketing support.  We partner with local distributors for delivery, and the farmers we partner with stress environmental stewardship in their practices. Purchasing products through the UP Food Exchange supports local farmers and invests in the regional economy. Supporting local food helps build a regional “foodshed”, where we have the opportunity to directly support our neighbors and influence the conversation about what kind of food we want.

Benefits for Farmers

Farmers are able to market their products to multiple customers through a single online platform which maintains a live inventory at all times. Products are aggregated for pick up and/or delivery so farmers can deliver orders from multiple buyers to one location, with a single invoice.

Benefits for Buyers

Restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other institutions are welcome to use the UPFE Online Marketplace. Buyers can purchase products from multiple farms in a single order, pay for them with a single payment, and receive all the products at once as a single order. UPFE streamlines the many processes involved in purchasing local food while maintaining a strong connection to local farmers. UPFE offers marketing support, product updates, and help navigating challenges to getting local food into your business.

Contact Alex Palzewicz at localfood@marquettefood.coop or 906 225 0671 x 726 for further details about how you can start ordering local food through UPFE’s Online Marketplace.


Interested in Becoming a Seller?

Why Should You Join UPFE’s Online Marketplace?

If you are ready grow your farm to help meet the demand for local food, please read the information contained in the links below to gauge whether or not you meet the eligibility requirements and are ready to sell to the wholesale market.

Are You Ready?

Things You Need to Know…

Are You Eligible?

Please keep the following in mind:

Click on the link below to request an account:

Marketplace Login


Interested in Becoming a Buyer?

The U.P Food Exchange invites you to use the Online Marketplace, a website where institutional food purchasers can buy local food directly from farmers on the internet. This website is free, easy to use, and includes a broad range of functions that allow you to spend less time dealing with paperwork and more time working with good food.
Why Should You Join UPFE’s Online Marketplace?

Thank you for your interest in selling or serving locally grown U.P. food in your business or institution. Institutional demand for certain local foods currently outpaces supply. This means that there is much room for growth in the U.P.’s food economy. This also means that as a purchaser of local food, you may not be able to find everything you are looking for at this time. We ask for your patience and continued support as we work diligently with U.P. farmers who are actively developing the wholesale components of their businesses.
Please contact us to discuss what products you are interested in sourcing locally and to request an account. What you are looking for may be available now, so get in touch soon. We want your Marketplace experience to be a good one. The better we understand your needs, the better we are able to help you meet them. We look forward to hearing from you.
906-225-0671 ext. 726 or cdalman@marquettefood.coop

The U.P. Food Exchange is not responsible for product quality and or service provided by an individual farm and cannot guarantee the claims that farms make about their products. Additionally, the U.P. Food Exchange has not verified the ability of buyers to pay for their purchases.